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Here are some of the significant events for 2018 thus far.
Dinner Meetings

Our next general dinner meeting will be held at the Woodvale Community Facility (Millwoods Golf Course)
Dinner: 6:30 P.M. Guest Speaker:
On the Menu - - November 27th Guest Speaker
Gerry Finlay
Command Service Officer
Alberta – NWT Command The Royal Canadian Legion
Time wise ½ hour to 40 minutes (tops).

There have been a number of changes within Veterans Affairs that could potentially affect your membership.
I’ll be focusing on these areas and what we do at the Service Bureau to help determine eligibility.

If you are planning on attending, please notify Malcolm Mitchell either by phone (780) 718-9681
or by email Malcomm3@hotmail.com by 20 November 2018.
Chicken Fricassee, Baked Bassa Fish w/Citrus glaze, Rice Pilaf, Butter Noodle Pasta,
Mixed Vegetables. Salads: Green Pea w/cheese sauce, Italian Garden Rotini Salad,
Artichoke salad and Caesar Salad. Fresh Vegetable tray, dinner buns and desserts etc.
Cost - $25 / plate
Contact malcomm3@hotmail.com if you wish to attend.

or whatever you wish to call them:

TUESDAYS - between 7:15 & 8:45 at Headquarters (or HQ) Restaurant, 101 Granada Blvd.,
Sherwood Park. I know this is
early but it’s an early birds group. 8AM would be best time to arrive.

MONDAY TO FRIDAY - 8:30/9:00AM to around 10-10:30 at Smitty’s Family Restaurant,
16 Westgrove Dr. Spruce Grove. Contact: keeskikk@telus.net

If anyone knows of any “REGULAR” coffee gatherings in the area, let me
know and these can also be published - News Bulletin Ed.

The Edmonton RCMP Veterans Association
11140 - 109 Street
Edmonton AB T5G 2T4

Email the Vets: Click here

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